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Your home is one of the largest investments that the average American will make. Not only is it an investment into your lifestyle and your comfort, but it's also a large financial obligation that shouldn't be taken lightly in any situation. Why leave that investment in the hands of anyone other than the best? Our agents are trained to handle your home just as if it were their own. We aren't pulled by greed or a 'quick commission'; we're pulled by the knowledge that honesty, hard work and determination can turn any situation into a win-win. Our Accu-Comp system means we give you one number, and one number only: The one that sells. Of course, we don't just tell you what your home is worth and make you sign a piece of paper; we take a proactive approach, ensuring that at the end of the transaction, you're left with the financial and logistical piece of mind in that you've accomplished your goals; whether you're moving across town, or across the country. Benchmark has developed a nationwide system, known to our agents and clients as the 'Benchmark Preferred Network'; we've interviewed and selected third party vendors we know and trust, from moving companies, to agents in other states.

Our portfolio of 'solds' stretches to every type of transaction you can imagine; from our 99% short sale success rate, to commercial, residential and land, to hospitality, hotels and international properties. We have a global reach which we believe is a no-brainer in today's technology-driven market. Of course, since day one, we've held to the belief that rather than talking about how great we are as a company, we'd rather let our results speak for themselves. So now the choice is yours! When you're ready to turn your home into a 'Sold', give us a call for a free, no obligation consultation. Also, you can fill out the form to your right, and a full home value report will be emailed to you at no cost, no obligation, and no annoying follow-up calls. At Benchmark, it's all about you!


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Purchasing real estate is not just looking for a new place to live. It's about possibly raising a family, or downsizing, or maybe even looking to make some income from investing in real estate. In any event, Benchmark Realtors is here to help. We've got everything you need, starting with lenders. We work with some of the industry's most well known lenders to make sure that every duck is in a row for you to make that next move you've been planning. From first time homebuyers, to moving addicts, we are here to help. Our excellent team of buyer's agents make sure that you're in good hands. We are able to assist buyers throughout Southern California, from Orange County to Los Angeles. Our agents are available 24/7, and are promptly by your side to negotiate your next purchase. 

Aside from owner-occupying buyers, we are well seasoned with investors as well! Its a huge undertaking - buying properties to rent out, flip, or just hold on to. We've got a whitesheet for you too! Contractors, inspectors, and property management specials that we have worked with for awhile, and have seen in action. If our name endorses a supplier, you can make sure you're in good hands. We work with foreign investors as well - or their representatives, if that's the case. Poor communication is one of our no-no's, so you can rest assured that you will be involved in every step of the way; whether you're there to look at the home yourself, or previewing the home using Skype from overseas. We will not stop at anything to make sure that our principal is completely confident and satisfied in their next purchase. 

We treat your purchase the way it deserves to be - an investment into your lifestyle.

Who Do We Suggest?


Chari Graham, Title

Over the course of many years, and many satisfied clients, Chari is an industry-leader in the complicated world of Title Insurance. Always available to clients, and eager to be of assistance and answer questions, she is a Benchmark favorite.

David Henriquez, Mortgage Broker
NMLS#: 296389
(760) 245-7764

With almost 20 years in the mortgage industry, David Henriquez has earned himself a special spot in many communities for being knowledgable, helpful and communicative when it comes to anything and everything to do with mortgage loans.

Darrell Seidel

Darrell Seidel has a long and successful career in both general contracting and home inspections. His thorough understanding of lending guidelines and current codes means that our buyers who use First Safety truly can rest assured that their dream home will be rock solid, up to code, and safe for generations to come.

Disclaimer: Benchmark Realtors makes no claims, warrantees or assurances as to the quality of services received, nor is Benchmark Realtors being compensated for the endorsement of the vendors above. Our clients are in no way forced to use any of our vendors, nor does entering into business with Benchmark create an assumed agreement between parties and the above third party vendors.